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Sifto Canadian Stockman Salt and Mineral Products

Whether you need stand-alone, feed mixing or specialty salt, there's a Sifto® Canadian Stockman® nutrition product for your operation. Our wide product line provides the highest quality minerals animals need to support appropriate weight gain, optimize milk production and enhance overall health. It's precisely the support you need to protect your investment.

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Putting weight on livestock may be easier with the help of Canadian Stockman Cobalt Iodized Salt.

Iodized stock salt is the most common of all mineralized salts. 

Sifto Canadian Stockman Medi-Boot and Medi-Bloc are the first agricultural salts that use chelated trace minerals for increased absorption and proper mineral balance.

Our mineralized salt with selenium 120 is specially formulated for selenium-deficient beef cattle, providing a more complete ration of nutrients and the maximum amount of selenium recommended.

Dairy cattle and sheep both need the sulphur you’ll find in Sulphur Stock Block.

One of our most popular mineralized agricultural salts, Trace Mineralized Salt contains the six core micro-minerals required for animal health.

Solution-mined evaporated salt is a high-purity product. Both blocks and licks are extremely tough, weather-resistant and designed for free-choice feeding.

This rock salt* is optimally screened for livestock applications. It can be used as both a feed-mixing salt and a stock salt.