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Mineralized Salt

By pairing essential trace minerals with sodium chloride, Canadian Stockman® products take advantage of an animal’s natural appetite for salt to efficiently deliver key nutrients that support basic livestock health. Our wide variety of specialty mineralized salt blends gives you the ability to choose the right formula for success.

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Together, cobalt and iodine have the effect of stimulating appetite and increasing metabolism.

Iodized stock salt is the most common of all mineralized salts. 

Medi-Boot® and Medi-Bloc® products offer chelated trace minerals for increased absorption and proper mineral balance.

Our Selenium Gold 120® mineralized salt is specially formulated for selenium-deficient beef cattle, providing a more complete ration of nutrients and the maximum amount of selenium recommended.

Dairy cattle and sheep both need the sulphur you’ll find in our Salt With Sulphur block.

This agricultural salt contains the six core micro-minerals required for animal health.