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Sifto® Canadian Stockman® Medi-Boot® and Medi-Bloc®

Canadian Stockman Medi-Boot and Medi-Bloc agricultural salts offer chelated trace minerals, which are known to provide proper mineral balance ideal for stressed cattle and calves, as well as cows in heat. The chelation process combines minerals with amino acids, resulting in quicker absorption. The ingredients contained in these unique formulas are known to aid in wound healing, help maintain immunity and foster growth and development. In areas of high molybdenum in the soil or feed, the chelated copper in these products is available to the animal when regular copper is bound by the molybdenum and therefore unavailable.  

For all classes of beef and dairy cattle.

Available in 25-kg poly-lined paper bags and 20-kg blocks.

Feeding Directions: Offer consistently as free-choice with readily available fresh water.

Caution: This feed contains copper  do not feed to sheep.